For retailers – small or big, the conventional ringing sound of the cash register has worked well for many years. However, things have changed, no matter the size of the business; the cash registers are now attached to a computer through a POS system.

If you’re reading this, you already know what a POS is or does, so we won’t go into that detail. The popularity of modern point-of-sales system is based on its ability to not only ring up sales but provide valuable, real-time insights on customers, employees, and inventory.

Talking about the ROI, the biggest plus you get is in the shape of real-time, accurate assessment of the inventory. POS software comes equipped with the ability to subtract the numbers of items sold each time from the inventory list. This is a huge GOODBYE to maintaining a manual register for your items in stock. Not only that,but a POS system is able to tell you the time to reorder a specific item from the inventory. Sounds like less micro managing, no?

According to National Retail Federation, in US alone, retailers lose more than 250 billion dollars annually due to improper inventory management. Now that’s a big number, but what if there is a solution, (costing only a couple of hundred dollars) that can help retailers be in charge of their inventory? We say it’s a good return on investment!

In addition to inventory management, a sound POS software is your reliable partner when it comes to customer services. With customers’ purchase history at your disposal, you can actually create that personalized environment, especially for the best customers.

Let’s realize that today point of sales is way more than a place where the money comes in. With the right solution and equipment, it becomes your customer service center where customers keep on returning and business grows.

Looking for a POS system? Let us help you.

The market is saturated and everyone claims to be the best. Here are some basics that you should look for in a POS system.

1. Three Magic Words:

Inventory, Inventory, and Inventory!

Almost every POS system can help with the sales and keep track of the inventory – but that’s not enough. You should be looking for something that can help you manage your inventory better. The system should be able to identify items running low, best-selling products and more…

2. Functionality against Ease-of-Use:

This is a little tricky. Ease of use and functionality are both essential for any business looking for a POS. These two characteristics are somehow inversely related to each other. If you’re looking for ease of use you might have to compromise on the functionality and vice versa. The balance is important and this is where we believe IncoPOS has an edge over the competition.

3. A solution That Complements Your Business

Most businesses start from scratch and on a tight budget. We advise our readers to go for a solution that is flexible and can grow with your business. Look for a provider that can listen to its customer and develop a solution based on that.

Why Vladster?

The POS system market is diverse and saturated, but it still hard to find a solution that supports all major platforms like macOS, Linux and Windows & is built upon the actual, real-life requirements of the clients. IncoPOS on the other hand, is a perfect blend of optimal functionality, ease-of-use and affordability.

We say this with great pride that our solution will not only boost the work efficiency but can also make the overall experience more enjoyable.