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Mobile app for productive staff

To help productivity of your staff we offer IncoPOS for Android which allows you to process orders in real time, that means you can process more orders with less staff, increase sales, reduce the chance of errors and keep your customers happy. Orders can be taken and processed wherever you are because all information is synchronised. You can also complete orders on the go with IncoPOS for Android.

Tracking convenience

IncoPOS gives managers greater control and access. Wherever you are, you can now monitor operations, all essential reports and sales data. Managers can now have everything in one place and under control, even on the road.

Actionable insights

IncoPOS has advanced reporting tools that come with a powerful dashboard. These tools provide you with all the information you need to run your restaurant like a pro! IncoPOS gives you one solution to handle all your front and back office needs.

All operating system are supported

IncoPOS runs on Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

Tailor your restaurant POS system to your goals

Payment Processing

Our flexible, multilocation payment process gives you the tools you need to scale your restaurant. (Availability varies by location)

Inventory Management

Make the most of your ingredients with restaurant inventory management that lets you plan ahead and reduce waste.

Android App

Take orders and payments with IncoPOS App in your restaurant. Turn tables faster, and make it easy for staff to give great service.

Kitchen Display System

Our kitchen display module shows ticket times to keep track of turnaround. Color-coded orders help you see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go.

Reporting & Accounting

Sync accurate sales data to top accounting software directly from your POS back office with our accounting solution.

Cloud Solution

Instant backup and database synchronization. Fast and easy connection between locations in restaurant chains.

Get in touch

Switching to IncoPOS is easy. Our experts can help with everything from data migration to setting up hardware and payment.

Give guests a secure and seamless payments.

The experience your customers and employees have always wanted, with a processor that is fully embedded in your POS. Increase efficiency and accept credit, debit and mobile payments from anywhere. Automate transactions to manage the rush like a pro. Get real-time communication between your terminal and the POS. Allow customers to pay at different times and split bills between groups.

Mobile app for tracking the business remotely

A multifunctional inventory and sales management app compatible with all Android devices, tablets and smartphones. Our solutions integrate key business features such as built-in CRM, dynamic pricing rules module, direct billing from the point of sale and mobile POS compatibility. With centralized management, IncoPOS provides efficient restaurant operations and direct connection to the kitchen, alongside inventory management.

Reduce idle inventory, waste and spoilage. Get insights that help you plan

Manage your stock, analyze your food cost and get a true insight into the performance of your margins from anytime, anywhere. Inventory reporting allows you to track how much inventory has been bought, produced, wasted or sold. Easily access monthly sales reports and export inventory reports when needed. Review inventory in real time and automate your recurring orders to your suppliers.

Your kitchen, your workflow

We know how busy the kitchen can be. Our Kitchen Display shows ticket times so you can keep an eye on turnaround times. Colour-coded orders help you see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go. Our Kitchen Display eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth from table to kitchen by communicating orders clearly and in real time. Waiters can spend more time with customers because they can send an order as soon as it’s taken. Reduce paper consumption by digitising your production centres. Reduce the number of errors on the production line and collect data on production times.

Find out how IncoPOS can scale your business

Streamline operations, boost sales, and create a seamless and personalized dining experience for your guests. Take the first step towards success and request a quote today!

Why switch to IncoPOS?

Make faster decisions

With IncoPOS, you can turn data into actionable steps that help you make better business decisions.

Serve customers faster

Give your guests more options. Helping you to make more revenue.

Be more efficient

We support multiple restaurant location management and PMS integration for hotels.

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