Mobile sales just got better!

Stop wasting time and get the sale right on the spot

Waiters stop wasting time

Instead of taking orders on paper and then entering them again in a POS system all can be done right on the spot. The order is received and sent to the kitchen immediately. More clients are served faster and less mistakes are made.

Sales on the road were never easier

Full inventory is available anywhere you go. Orders can be taken right on the spot. All information is synchronized via IncoCloud without any interaction when internet connection is available.

Managers see the full picture

All the critical reports are now in your hand. Check how sales go and how the staff performs from any part of the world.

Make orders and sales instantly

All the important operations are available for you at any moment including purchases and transfers and stock-takings

Price checker mode

Find the price of any item quickly using its barcode

Support multiple user accounts

Every account can be configured to access the required functions only from IncoPOS. All operations are traceable back to the user who made them.

Connect external devices

Connect with printers and barcode scanners via WiFi or Bluetooth

Custom tables layout

Tables layout can be modified from IncoPOS and synchronized to IncoPOS on Android for easier operation in restaurants

Connect with other work places

Connect with other devices with IncoPOS for Android or workstations with IncoPOS with IncoCloud or via shared MySQL server

Protect your data

Remote database wipe is available for IncoCloud administrators in case a device is lost or stolen

Seamless backup

Remote backup of all your sales data is available via IncoCloud. A new device can be added and the information restored to it in minutes.

Stop wasting paper. Get IncoPOS for Android Now!