The new Coronavirus pandemic has now spread across the whole world. The new virus affected the world with unprecedented impact and paralyzed many businesses. A big part of the population are now practicing social distancing. In many countries governments force businesses to close to lower the speed of the infection. This in turn causes a major setback for many of our clients and distributors.

We know that we cannot make a dramatic impact on the Coronavirus situation. But what we can do is to try to help our partners cut their losses. To do that we are going to take some part of the responsibility and take some of the losses.

This is why we are starting a COVID-19 help program which will run until 31-st of March 2020. Every client who has licenses which he cannot use due to the Coronavirus outbreak will receive free one month extension of their licenses. To qualify for this program:

  1. You must have purchased and installed IncoPOS or IncoCloud license in your profile.
  2. The license must be valid in March 2020.
  3. You must fill the form bellow.

Stay safe, protect the elders and let’s hope for a quick recovery of the economy and our collective health this summer.