Point of sale system

Streamline operations with IncoPOS at your coffee-shop

Why to invest in inovative POS?

In the world of coffee, where moments matter, a POS system tailored to the rhythm of service not only enhances customer satisfaction but also translates into increased revenue. Because the POS system matters as much as the great brewed coffee in a though Monday morning.

Mobile app for efficent staff

With IncoPOS for Android, you take more orders and close more sales, and all that on-the-go. Your waiters enter the order directly on an Android device and the data is immediately saved. No more forgotten orders or slow service. Managing your team and keeping an eye on sales have never been easier.

Business tracking

IncoPOS offers enhanced control and accessibility for managers. With IncoPOS, you can effortlessly monitor operations, access vital reports, and analyze sales data from anywhere. Now, managers have the convenience of keeping everything organized and manageable, even while on the move.

Increase revenue

Identify pain points and spot opportunities with real-time sales reports. With IncoPOS you can use advanced reporting tools with a powerful dashboard, giving you the essential insights to efficiently manage your coffe shop or bakery. Increase revenue and run your business, streamlining your front and back office needs with IncoPOS’s all-in-one solution.

All operating system are supported

IncoPOS is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

The good coffee and the right POS can’t wait

Payment Processing

Take advantage of contactless and fully integrated payment processing. (Availability varies by location)

Inventory Management

IncoPOS’s coffee shop inventory management is a tool that empowers you to plan ahead and minimize waste.

Android App

Take orders and payments with IncoPOS Android app in your coffee shop. Make purchases, and make it easy for the staff to give great service.

Kitchen Display System

Our Kitchen Display module shows the order for preparation immediately. Color-coded orders help you see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go.

Reporting & Accounting

Track the performance of your business with key sales and operations reports.

Cloud Solution

Instant backup and database synchronization. Fast and easy connection between chains of coffee shops.

Get in touch

Switching to IncoPOS is easy. Our experts can help with everything from data migration to setting up hardware and payment.

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with IncoPOS

Focus less on operations and more on personalising your service to increase customer satisfaction with IncoPOS powering your caffee. Increase efficiency and accept credit, debit and mobile payments from anywhere. Automate transactions with IncoPOS for seamless rush management. Enjoy real-time communication between your terminal and POS, offering tailored payment options for customer convenience. Effortlessly split bills and simplify the payment process. Trust IncoPOS for efficient and precise transaction optimization, allowing you to flawlessly serve your customers.

Connect multiple store locations

With IncoPOS, you can effortlessly connect coffee shops at different locations without the need for servers or complex VPNs. IncoPOS ensures that all your workstations receive the most up-to-date data. Even in situations where there is no Internet, all workstations remain fully functional and automatically receive all new operations and updates as soon as internet connectivity is restored.

Easy touch screen configuration

When it comes to creating the perfect setting for your café, we understand the crucial role that table layout plays. As well as improving the overall setting, a well-designed layout has a significant impact on service efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction. IncoPOS allows you to easily adjust the layout of your tables in just a few clicks to ensure a seamless synchronization to IncoPOS on Android. Experience the convenience and efficiency of changing the table layout to suit your café using IncoPOS.

Make an instant change for your business

We’re technology experts with years of experience in serving retail customers. Don’t wait for the change to happen, be the one.

Why switch to IncoPOS?

Time saving

Quick and easy setup & configuration
with responsive, fast and easy-to-use touchscreen.

The best value for money

Boost ROI and skyrocket profits with IncoPOS’s seamless hardware integration.

Easy Management

Manage operations and employee performance with ease. Maintain precise control with user permissions.

Free Detailed Description of IncoPOS

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about IncoPOS and its’ premium features that combine Inventory Management,
Android App, Kitchen Display, variety of payments processing
and POS, all in one.

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