Warehouse Management System

Track every step on the supply chain and get everything on time

Manage all your stock from a single inventory system

With IncoPOS at your warehouse, you can manage sales, inventory movement, and ROI through a single solution. Easily maintain and track inventory for multiple locations at every stage, from purchasing through fulfilment. Quickly view the quantity available on hand and create purchase order for any item with just a few steps.

Digitalize your warehouse

Receiving Inventory

Efficiently purchase stock and update the availability in real time by entering quantities, and automatically check against purchase orders using mobile devices.

Inventory Management

Track your stock and inventory across multiple locations with IncoPOS. Easily access item codes, barcode numbers and weight measurements.


Perform real time stock-takings with mobile devices and track the expected quantity of items, actual quantity and the difference between them.

Mobile Operations

Perform real-time inventory counts and adjustments. Pick orders without printing out pages of worksheets, eliminating keyboard entry errors.

Reporting & Accounting

Track inventory and sales data effortlessly for better decision-making. Elevate your business with streamlined processes and valuable insights from IncoPOS.

Cloud Solution

Instant backup and database synchronization. Receive orders directly from mobile salesmen and fulfill them in real time. Eliminate batch processing and delays.

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Switching to IncoPOS is easy. Our experts can help with everything from data migration to setting up hardware and software.

Real-time tracking of all sales and purchases

IncoPOS brings together all the sales and purchases data in one place. Dashboards provide a quick overview of key indicators related to warehouse and inventory management.

You work in real time with remote offices, other warehouses and shops, regardless of their location.

Use our IncoPOS Andoid app with all the necessary tools for your warehouse management.

Inventory management

Effortlessly manage your inventory with our cloud solution. Check the availability of items in all warehouses.

You can register item transfers between locations with just a few clicks.

Easily generate purchase orders using real-time inventory data. If necessary, you can quickly correct the inventory using a mobile barcode reader to perform real-time inventory counts and adjustments.

Trace money flows with Cash Book

Set special prices for each customer, for a specific item or group of items using price rules. Enter trade discounts in advance or directly at the time of sale. Work with separate price groups for each warehouse.

Manage separate pricing for each warehouse and keep track of daily income, expenses, and cash balances at all store locations.

Efficiently handle payments with suppliers and clients, monitor due and paid documents in real time, ensuring smooth financial operations for your business with IncoPOS.

Keep everything on track with
Stock-taking reports

IncoPOS lets you prepare stock-takings and check the availability of the products in your database.

You fill in the quantities counted during the stock-taking and the program automatically calculates any shortages – both in terms of quantities and value of the items.

You have the option to export the stock-taking report as CSV, Excel, Web Page, XML Data format or print it directly.

Make an instant change for your warehouse 

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Why switch to IncoPOS?

Time saving

Quick and easy setup & configuration
with responsive, fast and easy-to-use.

The best value for money

Boost ROI and skyrocket profits with real-time sales agent synchronization.

Easy Management

Manage purchases, stock-takings, sales and many other operations e with ease. 

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