About Vladster

Our mission: help small businesses grow.

When we founded our company we knew that, a lot of small and medium size businesses still use low and no tech methods to track their sales, inventory and performance.

In many cases it is easier for the small business owners to stay on their current system. They didn’t have to train their staff for new, complex systems. In some cases they stayed on their old systems because they were afraid that if they change something, everything would break. Other wanted to expand business but they were afraid that they can’t track what is going on. And eventually this would cause more problems than benefits. But all of them want their business up and running without being overwhelmed with technical information. Or face the constant flow of money for hardware they don’t really need.

The beginning.

It all started in 2006 when a small team decided to make an open source project that would run on all major operating systems. The product had to run anywhere with or without internet. And at the same time look familiar and intuitive, so new staff is onboarded quickly.

In 2008 we created Vladster to make IncoPOS a full featured commercial product. That product helps small businesses do their work. With time we added more commercial features like the Touch Screen module for faster sales and the Dashboard for back office administrators.

The cloud era.

In 2012 we started thinking more about the chains, the secure backup of customers data. Also the managers who wanted to go wherever they want without losing track of what is going on with their business. That is why we created IncoCloud. IncoCloud allowed stores and managers to connect easily without the need of extra servers, VPNs and other complex technologies. All those complications would require additional investments and administrators. We also eliminated the single point of failure which would be that “master” store that holds all the information.

The mobile era.

At the same time mobile devices are now a major trend. They transformed from a device for voice conversations, SMS and simple games to a fully capable communication devices with significant computing power. What used to be a very high tech idea to have all your business information in your hand is now a reality thanks to IncoPOS. It allows managers, mobile salesman and waiters to take orders, make sales and check information instantly. Thanks to IncoCloud all that information is available by just launching the app and turning on your 3G/WiFi internet access.