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IncoPOS is a property management system designed to simplify and automate all processes for the modern hotelier and the hotel’s guests. It makes everything easier, faster and connected, from the booking engine to check-out, from the front desk to revenue management.

Software features

Booking plan & sheet

Manage reservations, housekeeping, finances and more in one place, simplifying your daily operations.

Channel Manager Integration

Our software offers API integration with external booking systems, ensuring security and faster guest service.

Reporting & Accounting

Track the performance of your business with key reservations and operations reports.

Restaurant Integration

If your premises host a restaurant, use the IncoPOS POS system to reflect food and drinks on each guest bill.

Payment Processing

Take advantage of contactless and fully integrated payment processing. (Availability varies by location)

Cloud Solution

Instant backup and database synchronization. Fast and easy connection between hotel chain databases.

Get in touch

See the list of contacts and find out how to reach the right partner at IncoPOS or just send a request directly. We will contact you back as fast as possible.

Seamless restaurant integration

IncoPOS features a customizable interface for faster and more productive work in the hotel restaurant. IncoPOS is a flexible solution for real-time sales and inventory control with expense tracking, seamless integration with peripherals, and document creation capabilities in multiple languages and currencies. It streamlines hotel management by simplifying the transfer of bills from the restaurant to the guest room.

Keep up with the changing demands of today’s guests and staff. Our mobile-optimised application is designed to adapt to the speed, complexity and demands of your food and beverage operations. No more paper tickets with the Kitchen Display, which sends all orders to the kitchen immediately, with tools to monitor waiting times and to call away orders.

Manage reservations smoothly

An easy-to-read Booking Sheet gives you an instant overview of your reservations. Simply drag over the sheet to make a room booking. Throughout the Booking Plan, open the graphical hotel layout and access all the reservations with a single click. View registration and billing details.

Reservations are colour-coded based on their real-time status, making them easy to view and understand.

Payment processing

Process every payment quickly, securely and automatically. Save time and reduce manual amount entry errors while paying with credit cards.

Make card payments a smooth part of the guest experience. Whichever way your guests choose to pay, IncoPOS gives you the flexibility to do so.

Use optional advanced payment methods and point-of-sale terminals that support tap-to-pay, and swipe transactions.

Use the platform reports to track everything you need to manage your business operations, performance and forecasting.

Groups management

Group management makes it easy for independent hoteliers to work with travel agents, corporate groups and event planners by efficiently managing group bookings. As a hotelier, you can easily create a group booking by selecting the room type and reserving the number of rooms to book. This is done in a few simple steps. Flexible room selection options allow you to make multiple room bookings quickly and assign the exact rooms later.

Channel manager integration

IncoPOS is a complete hotel management system with seamless integration with ESTI. IncoCloud synchronizes reservations between multiple hotels. Our software offers API integration with external booking systems, ensuring security and faster and easier guest service.

Account and reporting

Automate and simplify the accounting process by synchronising the vast array of data. Connect your hotels’ accounting software to IncoPOS and the guest sheets will automatically be exported from the system straight into your accountant one.

We reverse the arrows of the clock

Get rid of the old clock and don’t get stuck in the past. Join us on the way of innovation to transform your property and elevate your guest experience with our hotel property management system.

Why should you change PMS?

It’s easier than you think

Switching to IncoPOS can be done in a matter of days with a smooth process. 

You maximize sales

Embrace new opportunities, from improved operations to additional sales streams.

Better guests experience

New technologies mean a more personalised and seamless experience for the guests.


"The seamless connection between the point of sales software and the PMS has significantly reduced manual efforts in handling restaurant and bar bills. This integrated approach not only saves time but also ensures a hassle-free experience for our guests"

Teressa Meier, Green Hills Resort

"The booking sheet gives us a quick overview of room availability, allowing us to make informed decisions on short-term bookings. The booking plan's in depth information on guest stays has been invaluable for planning and improving our services. "

Owner, 5 Elements Hotel

"The booking sheet's user-friendly interface allows us to manage room availability with ease, and the detailed booking plan has become an indispensable tool for our operations."

Property Manager, Viva Luxury Apartments

"As a hotelier, flexibility in payment options is crucial, and IncoPOS PMS has exceeded our expectations. The seamless integration with various payment gateways has made the payment process not only secure but also incredibly convenient for our guests."

Sayeed Ahmad, Emporium Hotels

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