When it comes to employee management, most businesses usually struggle to get meaningful data, which could be used to identify the best performing (or sometimes the least performing workforce). For employee management, businesses usually go for skilled staff (HR people) or specialized business tools. In this article we are going to give you a solution that is far more productive and affordable as well.

A point of sales software is your out-of-the-box solution to spot the best performing employees and managing the workforce easily. We will be honest here, not every business can avail the employee management benefits of a POS system but if you have a retail shop, a restaurant or a food truck, etc you can do wonders with it.

Justin Guin, a well-known market researcher says,

“More than anything, you want your new POS system to elevate your operation and the customer experience you provide. It will very likely have the opposite effect if the system doesn’t satisfy all your needs or your employees aren’t on board,”

Spotting your productive employees can sometimes mean identifying the weakest link and taking appropriate measures for that. We have tried to list down some ways in which your POS system can help make your employee management easy and more effective. Let’s read on…

Training process:

Some POS software comes in built with a demo version. This can be used to train new employees. During the training the store manager/owner can identify employees who are quick learners and work on those to further shine their qualities, helping them with career progression.

Measuring Accountability:

In a POS, the transactions that are assigned to an employee are usually completed by the same person (checkout). Although higher number of checkouts for any employee is not the only indicator of his or her good performance but it is an important factor nevertheless. Let’s face it, what matters the most for a business? It’s the ability to generate quick revenue. An employee with highest number of checkouts is bringing more revenue, speeding up the whole process and might also be contributing in building better customer experience. What else do you need?

A POS software, at a very basic level is capable of identifying the employees with most checkouts. A business owner/manager can then run a few more checks about the authenticity of those checkouts and your shining star would be in front of you in no time.


Reporting is an important element of point of sales system. Through reporting you can set monthly or weekly targets for each employees and then keep track of their progress. Employees that meet their set criteria (or exceed them) must be highlighted, especially if they are repeating the same performance over and over again. They are definitely your best performing ones!

Identifying the Weakest Link:

One way to identify your best performing employees is to actually spot the weakest link and work on it. By weakest link we mean an employee that is having a tough time generating sales and is often stuck in the middle of the process – resulting in him missing his targets, unhappy customers and what not. A POS system can easily do this, giving you the opportunity to work on your least performing employee and make him more (or probably most) productive.

*Quick Tip* Once you have identified your top performing employees, make sure you just don’t overburden them with work but also compensate them for a job well done!


A POS system is not primarily built for identifying your best employee but yet it can serve the purpose well. All you need is to spend a little time to analyze the reports and output given by the system. A little innovation on your part when it comes to introducing new practices and rules can also go a long way.