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Our team at Vladster knows that the most important parts of a successful business are: satisfied clients and the efficiency of the work process. Our product is designed to fulfill all your expectations and needs. Don't compromise with quality, pick the best product for the best price.

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IncoPOS is a POS software solution for warehouses, restaurants and shops. IncoPOS is your time-saving solution! The user-friendly look and the easy setup of the touch screen module saves the time and effort usually required for training of your employees. The installation and setup of IncoPOS takes just a few minutes. You can try our free evaluation version for an unlimited period and see for yourself the benefits that our system can bring to your business without risking your money and time.
IncoPOS helps you manage all the operations in your store, restaurant or café in the most effective way possible. Tracking operations, inventory, partners' loyalty and user productivity has never been easier. IncoPOS Point of Sale solution increases the efficiency of your employees starting from the service staff to middle and high level managers. It makes the work process much less prone to errors and saves your clients and staff precious time and inconvenience in comparison to old sales using cash registers.
Our product's best part is its value to price ratio, and this is what really sets us apart from the rest of the Point of Sale software. The minimal hardware requirements and the freedom of your choice for operating system save you a lot of additional cash that you can invest in your business instead of expensive cutting edge hardware. IncoPOS does not limit your choice of operating system, which gives you the opportunity to use the already bought operating system licenses with no added cost or use a free operating system if you wish!
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Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. A lot of different applications have been created for this operating system and there are a huge number of users who are used to its comfortable graphical user interface. That is why one of our primary goals is to reach out to all those people, who use Windows operating system for their daily work. Now they have available in their hands a professional product like IncoPOS to enrich their work process and make their daily job a pleasure.
Mac OS is probably the most sophisticated operating system. Every aspect in it is created carefully up to the point of design and engineering perfection. These properties of Mac operating system drives its users to fall in love with everything created by Apple. This is why our team has developed IncoPOS for Mac OS, to enrich the day to day computer experience of these users with one more product which has perfection design and ease of use set as one of its main goals.
GNU Linux is a symbol in operating systems of the free thinking users. IncoPOS for Linux, allows you to create a free system using the core modules of IncoPOS which are open source. Our team carefully looks though all the suggestions that you send us using the feedback module in IncoPOS, and all other ways you communicate with us. This is how we make our product better and better and more up to the needs of its users with every new version in the spirit of the open source.
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