Does your POS software fulfill its purpose?

You’re already serving your customers the best food in town. Now it’s time to serve them quicker and grow your business.

Keep your Staff Productive

Taking orders manually on a paper and then entering the information in the POS system is a time consuming process and can result in errors. IncoDroid enables real-time order processing, which means more orders with less staff, improved revenue, low chances of errors, and happy customers.

IncoDroid also allows you to close orders on the go. As all information is synchronized, orders can be taken and processed anywhere you are.

Observe Your Staff & Operations Closely

Vladster’s solution gives better control and access to managers. No matter where you are, you can now keep track of operations. All important reports and sales numbers. Managers can now have everything in one place and under control even on the road.

Actionable Insights

Vladster’s IncoPOS has advanced reporting tools, which comes with a powerful dashboard. These tools provide all the necessary information you need to run your restaurant like a pro!

With IncoPOS you have a single solution that can handle all your front office as well as back office requirements.

A Safer, More Secure Environment

Security should be the number one consideration when choosing a POS software. We say this because any type of customer data is confidential. The combination of IncoPOS and IncoCloud helps the user stay in compliance with all type of regulatory requirements and uphold business’s reputation.

We at Vladster understand the importance of your important data. Every information entered is also being securely backed up if you’re running IncoPOS and your workstation is connected to the internet. This is a big plus in case of hardware failure. Our software also enables users to wipe off all the information from any workstation.

All Major Platforms are Supported!

Got a brand new and beautiful Mac? Do you want maximum security and prefer Linux? Normally you will need a Windows virtual machine or constant internet to manage your business. With IncoPOS these are the worries of the past. Our IncoPOS software is fully compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS and works like a charm even if you have a slower machine.

As they say,

“Restaurant business is something that you have to treat like a baby. You have to constantly be there. You can’t trust it to anybody else, because no one’s going to love it like you do.”

What makes us so proud?

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Customers are our favourite weakness

With tons of restaurant experience backing us, we at Vladster believe in going that extra mile to serve you better than anyone.